Fame JR Cast is Memorable


Fame JR Cast is Memorable


Almost a week has gone by and I am still thinking about the wonderful cast of performers we worked with for two weeks in preparation for Fame! JR, which was performed at Trinity Church, Joppa, MD, on July 19 and 20, 2014.

Katie, Lilli, and I had the privilege of seeing the process of learning and putting together this show in two weeks.  We witnessed the hard work and personal dedication each cast-member put forth to not only learn all of the songs, dances, and dialogue for the show, but to also commit 100% to discovering and honing their craft as actors.  For the short time we worked with these younger performers, they became our children in some small way as we pushed them to spread their wings and “learn how to fly”.  In the process, some fell several times.  Some dropped their lines, some forgot a dance, some were off key, but every single one got back up, stood tall, and were supported by the rest of the cast, who became their family for those two weeks.

Acting is tough, so is dancing and singing.  When you combine those three, you have musical theatre, a profession that requires intense vocal and physical athleticism combined with an immense amount of critical thinking and, most importantly, team work.  It’s grueling, but we do it because we love it.  As art immitates life, so the work of the cast in preparing and performing Fame! JR mirrored that of the story of the show – a group of teens who give up a lot to pursue their artistic dreams and forge lasting friendships as they face difficult personal and professional obstacles in the process of fulfilling their dreams.  Relying on each other and their training, every cast member of this show truly came out on top and delivered a performance which they worked hard to perfect.

They have each other to thank for their success.  They have their parents to thank for supporting their artistic endeavors. And, we at Get2Act thank the students, their parents, and the community for their commitment to arts education.


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