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Do you remember the last time your child sailed the seven seas? Commandeered a ship? Battled space aliens? Reigned as king or queen over a kingdom with brothers, sisters, and stuffed animals as subjects?

Your child’s imagination, a naturally endowed source of limitless potential for creativity, is the source from which your child’s talent is drawn.

In her book, A Challenge for the Actor, Utah Hagen says that acting takes talent, “the natural endowment of a person with special or creative aptitudes”.

For an actor these “natural endowments” consist of “high sensitivity and responsiveness to sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, of exceptional sensitivity to others, of being easily moved by beauty and pain, and of having a soaring imagination without losing control of reality”(Hagen).

Children are born with an imagination that has no bounds. Children have the natural ability to “fling [themselves] wholeheartedly” into whatever they do. They have no inhibitions to drop, for inhibitions have not been developed. Rather, forgetting everything around them, children are capable of gathering and joining body and soul and fearlessly flinging themselves into whatever they are doing (Annie Dillard, An American Childhood).

In pursuit of their passions and engrossed in true play, children and teenagers are inspired by the freedom to just be in the moment. To experience true play, one only needs to bring oneself, sensitive to the environment, open and receptive to the power and beauty within the other.

When was the last time your child was truly sensitive to the environment, to those around him or her, and capable of recognizing and receiving the power and beauty within others?

The naturally endowed talents are there; let us reawaken your child to those talents on the stage.

The stage, a place and moment in time where imagination is reborn and soars unhindered. And, when the moment is over and the person steps back into reality, the gentle pulse of imagination reverberates and takes the person, moment by moment, through endless possibilities.

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