The general philosophy and how Get2Act relates to arts education can be described strongly in five words.


At Get2Act, each student lives, learns, experiments, challenges and is challenged, and grows in not only theatre but also in life.


The student at Get2Act has more than just a brief, limited experience in theatre. The student experiences “living” theatre through the classes and programs he or she participates in.


As the student becomes an active participant in the creation of a stage performance, the student discovers the joy of working as team with other artists.


The world of theatre is a space where experimentation is encouraged and supported. Young students of theatre are also taught to push their boundaries and discover themselves and drop their inhibitions.


The student will be challenged as he or she opens up to the training of an on-stage performance.  Creatively, personally, and in a team, the student will be encouraged and supported to approach his or her performance in new and unique ways.


Theatre enriches a student’s life, and his or her growing confidence will translate into the student’s relationships with others through teamwork with other actors, directors, dancers, singers, technicians, designers, and artists.